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It’s finally beginning to feel like Spring! The Shepherdess has planned a few events to get you out of the house… [divider] [/divider] Come one, come all! Local weavers are gathering together to share projects, stories, and inspiration. [divider] [/divider]  

Here at The Shepherdess we are busy preparing for Shop Hop 2013 (link to official site click here.)  We are filled with excitement as we put the finishing touches on our featured pattern and we hope you are going to love this one!   The yarn is ‘oh so yummy’…. I’d love to tell you […]

Saturday before last (as well as last Saturday) was a bit dreary, but certainly not in the shop. The beginning knitters were proudly showing off their swatches! It is exciting to teach new knitters. Happiness is learning how to knit! Notice the students picked yarn for their scarves. Speaking of knitting, I made a short […]

As of late, some of you may have heard the talk circulating about change coming to Shepherd’s Choice. It’s true – the plastic surgeon has arrived to downtown Anoka, and we are in for quite the facelift! Make sure to check up on us while we undergo this fabulous transformation. And incase you are needing […]

That time of year has come again – the Yarn Shop Hop! We’ve been very busy getting ready for this spectacular event, and knitters, do we ever have a surprise in store for you! Shepherd’s Choice will be carrying a local artisan’s new line of hand-dyed yarn that is just drop-dead gorgeous, you won’t believe […]

Those two lovely words – Spring Time. It’s what puts that extra hop-in-our-step and “squeak” in our clean when getting our homesteads ready for another busy year! From washing your house windows to scrubbing out the inside of your car, Shepherd’s Choice has a great solution that will consolidate your long list of supplies down to […]

Welcome to Shepherd’s Choice new blog – we’re so glad you stopped by! We are primping and preparing for a new season!  Shepherd’s Choice is located in the historic Anoka, Minnesota. Address: 2010 2nd Avenue North Anoka, Minnesota 55303 P: (763) 434-7453 Store Hours: Monday: Closed Tuesday: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm Wednesday: 10:00 am – […]